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This page highlights some of the most notable success stories achieved by us on a range of complex projects for clients worldwide. These projects were successfully executed on an end-to-end basis and was completed well within the project deadlines and budget. 



UK Innovator Visa for ENDO Music Studio (London)

From UK Startup visa expiry to approval of ENDO Founder's Innovator visa, this was indeed a complex project with tight timelines & difficult case, which was successfully executed by FatFox Investment®. 

ENDO is a creative and innovative 360° music hub democratising, U.S & UK Indie music markets through advanced audio/visual music production/concerts, digital streaming, education, & social welfare. 

ENDO Founder's startup visa was about to expire within a month's timeline and he had to apply for the Innovator visa to continue the startup business in London. Having worked hard for almost 2 years to build his startup from scratch in London, the Founder (a U.S citizen) was facing this challenge of losing his visa status, without the timely approval of his Innovator visa. To add more complications, the startup's revenue had plummeted due to the COVID-19 pandemic which brought the event industry to a grinding halt in London. It was a challenge to convince the visa officer!

The Founder approached FatFox Investment® for assistance. We quickly developed a well researched & well written Innovator visa business plan. Introduced the Founder to a couple of top immigration solicitors based in London. We managed to submit the application well within the deadlines. However, the visa officer sent back a request to submit more detailed financial information related to the business. With our expertise in financial accounting & valuation, the requested document was promptly submitted to the visa officer. As a result of this careful application process, the Founder was invited for a biometric interview and his visa got approved within a month's timeline. Now, the Founder is happy and scaling his startup in London!  


Beauty & Cosmetics Market Research for the Matrix APA (London)

A very unique and challenging market research project which was successfully executed by us within a 5-day tight deadline. 

Matrix ( is an award winning personal care product manufacturing company based in London. 



Marketing Strategy for Alpha Blu Cosmetics (Monaco/Germany)

From developing a comprehensive marketing strategy plan to reaching the Investment Committees (IC) of some of the top venture capital companies in the world, this is one of the most creative and challenging projects that we have worked on till now!

A certified B Corporation and founding patrons of the British Beauty Council, the company works with brilliant client partners to deliver amazing brands and products, including British Airways, Space NK, Primark, Emirates, Aromatherapy Associates, The White Company, Bamford, Cathay Pacific, Kmart Australia, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines.  They are proud co-founders and operators of many amazing brands, including:


• ARKIVE Headcare - with renowned stylist, Adam Reed  

• Cultured Biomecare - with skincare trailblazer, Rob Calcraft  

• Soho Skin - with global private members club, Soho House & Co. 


The brief consisted of two components: 

The first one was to map a premium luxury cosmetic product with all the potential beauty retailers worldwide. This involved identifying the suitable distributors, e-commerce stores, mass & drug stores, and premium department stores in the Middle East, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, South America, Scandinavia, Europe, U.S.A, UK, and Canada. 


The second component involved mapping & comparison of the pricing of two premium cosmetics products in their respective host countries with that of all the other countries listed above. 


Matrix required this market research in a specific format and needed it within a 5-day timeline. We executed this project in a timely manner. The resulting data was of high quality and the market data was very accurate. This data was extracted from multiple sources such as google search, market reports, trade fair data, & so on, without using any software or third party data extraction tools (as this kind of data wasn't available in it!). The Founders and the management team of Matrix were highly impressed by the resulting work, given that it was executed within the 5-day timeline!  


Alpha Blu Skincare cosmetics is a division of Blue Horizon International (BHI) group of companies based in Germany. The company has invented a range of skincare products using human umbilical cord derived stem cells. BHI is founded by Dr. Brian Mehling who is a world re-owned orthopaedic surgeon based in New Jersey and his team of experienced management executives. Alpha Blu is their direct-to-consumer (DTC) startup which sells its products through DTC store, e-commerce companies, drug stores, and premium departmental stores. 


Dr. Brian had two main requirements for Alpha Blu. The first one was to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy plan, pitch deck, financial model, and venture capital valuations. The second was to raise seed capital to grow the business in Europe. FatFox Investment® was hired for this project. We have developed a very pragmatic marketing strategy document that is based on the latest trends, playbooks, and frameworks related to the cosmetics industry. The financial valuation & modeling has been developed based on the latest market trends, competitor data, and Pitchbook insights. The project involved extensive market research of the global stem cell cosmetics industry. 


We have performed in-depth research on global Investors who invest in biotech & stem cell startups, and executed e-mail campaigns. This effort resulted in some of the top venture investors reviewing our marketing plan, pitch deck, and financials. They have considered funding the company and reached the final Investment Committee (IC) meetings in the funding pipeline.     


eeZee Ltd (Dublin)

From receiving the brief on a Friday, to the successful submission of request for proposal (RFP) by Monday, this is one of the most complex projects we have completed in such a short timeline. 

eeZee is a logistics agency in Dublin and is an outside service provider (OSP) for United Parcel Service (UPS) Ireland. The Founder wanted to bid for two projects advertised by UPS but was short of time and the project brief was complicated. So, he hired FatFox Investment® to prepare the RFP. 


The projects were complicated because it involved a delicate trade-off between quality of service and the bidding price. Plus, the proposed bidding price had to ensure that the company doesn't make a loss in the financial books, because, the package delivery/pick-up routes in Dublin are complicated (which results in correspondingly higher fuel bills for the company) and the cost of resources (delivery vans, drivers etc.,) is also high in Dublin.


Given all these challenges, we had to first and foremost come-up with a financial algorithm to find the best routes possible to minimise the fuel costs and overall operational costs (cost modeling). We then had to make sure that our bidding rate is competitive (relative to other bidders). A very pragmatic financial model was developed to compare the bidding costs between competitors and the 3-statement projections were developed (profit & loss, balance sheet, and cash flows). We then developed a two page request for proposal (RFP) which consisted of the bidding details, staff & resource hiring structure, financial projections, and value proposition statement. All of this was completed within a 3-day timeline and submitted to UPS for consideration!  


UK Sole Representative Visa for BeautyCo (London)

BeautyCo - UK is a contract manufacturer and Market Authorization Holder (MAH) of innovative pharmaceutical supplements and beauty & cosmetics products in the United Kingdom (UK). Beauty products such as soaps , creams , oils , muds , and salts will be manufactured in the UK and distributed both locally in the UK and around the world . Dermo - cosmetics products manufactured by the brand , including Philadelphia as semifinished in Jordan , will be imported, and sold locally in the UK. BeautyCo is also an exclusive agent & distributor of Nutri Bio Pharma (NBP) in Canada and will allow BeautyCo - UK to export NBP products to ITALY and Asian markets. Access to the UK and European markets is the key reason for the strategic decision to set up operations in the UK as part of a wider expansion plan for the Company.

BeautyCo - UK is a Subsidiary of BeautyCo SARL which has had a track - record of contract manufacturing top quality industry approved pharmaceutical drugs , supplements, and beauty & cosmetics products since 1992. The parent company has appointed Mr. Gio as the head of BeautyCo - UK. BeautyCo SARL contacted us requesting for visa application help.  

The specific purpose of this business plan is to support Mr. Gio’s application to establish BeautyCo SARL’s commercial operation in the UK under the Sole Representative Visa. 

We introduced our visa solicitor partner - Sable International to the client and initiated the first round of discussions with them. We conducted a 60 minutes workshop to understand the client's requirements and business details. The first draft was finished in about a week's time followed by another workshop to review the draft & understand their financials. The second draft was finished by the second week in consultation with Sable to ensure that the business plan followed all the required sections & information required by the UK Visa Officers. The final business plan was ready by the third week. The entire business plan was completed in 3 weeks timeline. From there, Sable submitted the client's visa application (with the business plan) and the visa was approved. 


Canadian LMIA Visa for fast food startup

Olive is a fast - food restaurant in Toronto city, Canada. The Restaurant will primarily serve Italian seafood to patrons while maintaining top quality food and friendly customer service. The Company is operated by two partners: Mr. Joseph Matthew (Chief Executive Officer and Restaurant Owner ) and Mr. Joe Comer who owns 50 % and 50 % of the Company.

Prior to starting in Canada, the Founders had contacted us to assist them with the business plan and the LMIA visa application process. The business plan was developed within 7 days and involved extensive market research, 2 draft review sessions, financial modeling, and economic impact analysis to understand the impact of the company in Canada. It also included the team information such as the job roles, wages & so on, as is mandated by the Canadian government. The Founders got their LMIA visa approved by the Canadian government.


Strategy Plan for NYC BlockAsia Conference

The Founder of NYC BlockAsia Conference is a native of Singapore. Having failed to generate leads in his first NYC BlockAsia Conference in New York City, the Founder wanted to give it another try and in a more professional/planned manner. He approached us requesting for a strategy plan for the conference 2.0 and execution of the event planning phase.

This was a 4 month project which involved 5 team members working remotely from different countries. 


I conducted a workshop to understand the client's requirements, pain points, existing conference business model, & other business specific details. I came-up with a comprehensive strategy plan for conference 2.0 based on extensive market research of the blockchain events market, business model innovation, and innovative experiential ideas. Being a part time event planner, Mr. Pradeep had a better idea of planning such events and as a result, it helped with the creation of a pragmatic strategy plan. The entire plan was completed in about a month's time. 


It was time for execution. Mr. Pradeep hired event specialists such as venue managers, social media marketers, & so on for planning the event. We invited top Founders of bitcoin startups, found a great venue, arranged all the event logisitics, contacted prospective sponsors, and ran digital marketing campaigns to create awareness of the conference. The project was a success.


Smart Irrigation Market Research

Residential irrigation has seen exciting developments in the last fifteen to twenty years, including advances in technology and people finding creative ways to save on resources with their irrigation. Water conservation has also become an important and critical initiative since there have been shortages experienced throughout the United States , and more people are adopting ways to irrigate their plants better to increase efficiency. 

The client contacted us requesting for a comprehensive market research of the US residential irrigation market but required it within 10 days. The project involved extensive market research of this niche industry. It was challenging due to the lack of available data on search engines. So it required deeper data analysis like combining data from many different sources. All the sections of this plan was created from scratch. We had 2 draft review sessions and the final product was delivered in 10 days.


Startup Acceleration at Rockstart Answers (Amsterdam, Netherlands X Bangalore, India)

Mr. Pradeep started the local chapter of Rockstart Answers in Bangalore with the hope of igniting the entrepreneurial talent and ecosystem in the city. He has successfully headed the local chapter with some of the best startups getting accelerated and funded by venture capitalists. 



Mr. Pradeep and his team members created an extensive ecosystem of mentors, startup founders, successful entrepreneurs, accelerators, co-working spaces, and investors in the city. Rockstart soon became a small community for ideation, innovation brainstorming, workshops, and hackathons. The team received several applications from innovative startups to participate in our investor demo days. Each of these high quality & high growth startups were mentored by Mr. Pradeep on business model innovation, pitch deck fine-tuning, venture capital fundraising, and public speaking. We also invited some of the most successful mentors & investors to these demo days. Some of these startups got funded and a few others got a chance to accelerate their business in Netherlands. 

In a nutshell, Mr. Pradeep and team were successful in helping both innovative startups and investors achieve their end goals. Mr. Pradeep and team also received recognition from mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, and the Rockstart team in Netherlands. 


U.S E-2 Visa and Business Plan

R&S Group operates a banquet hall since 2012. The name of the banquet hall is R&S Banquet. The Company offers venue hire for special events, high quality food catering, hall or stage setup, DJ, and lighting services. R&S Group is located in 5,000 square - foot building in Manhattan, New York. 

The Company’s target market for the next five years includes the following places in and around Queen’s County, New York: Woodside, Sunnyside, Roosevelt Avenue, Astoria, Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Downtown Flushing, Murray Hill, Rego Park, Jamaica, Ozone Park, Long Island, Bayside, and French Meadow. The Hall will cater to both businesses as well as households in and around Queens County, New York. 


Mr. Doe will serve as the General Manager of the Company upon his E2 visa approval. In addition, the Company has already hired the following employees – a Floor Staff, a n independent Contractor Floor Staff, Mr. Johnson who is a full - time Chef, and 16 Waiters hired as independent Contractors . By the end of Year 5, the Company will have a total of twenty - five employees.


Mr. Doe approached us requesting for help with his E-2 visa application. The business plan was completed in 7 days. It involved extensive market research, 2 draft review sessions, and financial modeling. We swiftly applied for Mr. Doe's E-2 visa and it got approved. 


U.S Grants and Business Plan

PetFun is a pet resort based in Michigan. The company is founded by Samy Smith and Sam Smith who are the Founders & Resort Managers at the resort . The company offers a range of pet services which includes boarding, grooming, daycare, luxury services, & walking to pet owners in the sample township area. They are a passionate team who believes in taking great care of the pets and offering top quality services. They are anticipating huge demand for such services in the area. Their plan is to build top quality kennels which will be used for boarding the pets such as cats & dogs and the facilities will be used for grooming , daycare, & walking of these pets. 


The Founders wanted to raise funding through US grant programs and contacted us for help with writing the business plan. The entire business plan was finished in 7 days. It involved extensive market research, 2 draft review sessions, and financial modeling. In particular, we had to ensure that every single penny from the grant is wisely invested in the company's operations. The business plan was developed as per the grant organizations business plan template. The Founders could successfully raise grants for the business. 


Business Planning for the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Mr. Pradeep worked as a federal government contractor at USDA in the capacity of a senior strategy consultant which is a senior project management role in the organisation. His primary responsibility was to develop two comprehensive business plans for the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) department of USDA. This project headed by Mr. Pradeep was worth around $4 million and he directly reported to the Programme Manager & all the Chief Information Officers (CIO) of USDA.


The business plans were comprehensive and was developed based on the vast amount of country level data that was available at USDA. So it involved extensive market research, data analysis, writing, and financial analysis/modeling. He used to have bi-monthly standup meetings with the team, the CIO's, and the US Minister of Agriculture to report on the project's progress. The project lasted for around six months during which top quality & pragmatic business plans were developed.    


Startup Acceleration at Startup Wizardry

Mr. Pradeep initially started a meet-up group in Bangalore focused on startups, entrepreneurs, and startup events. What started as a small community of like-minded founders and entrepreneurs soon became a large community of over 2000 members.  ​


At Startup Wizardry, Mr. Pradeep hosted several events such as workshops, hackathons, demo days, conferences, and mentoring sessions in Bangalore through which 100s of startups and early stage founders were benefited. Mr. Pradeep helped these founders come-up with innovative business models, beautiful pitch decks, venture capital fundraising, and public speaking. As a result of this, many of the community members were able to start & grow innovative startups. Some of them also raised funding from Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. 

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